3 Popular Types of Metal Roofing with Decent Lifespans

Any homeowner would know the cost of owning a home, and most of them would agree that it’s not cheap.

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In the long run you may find ways to save extra costs in and around the home with swapping out things such as light bulbs for LED lamps, or installing solar panels, for a more energy-efficient way of saving electricity while living sustainably as well or perhaps even installing a water meter too keep an eye out on how much water is being used I the house. If you’re interested, some further tips can be found in this article, click here. In any case, you can do whatever you want in those four walls with everything big and small, however one thing that will always stay the same is the roof. You cannot get a smaller roof and you cannot skimp on the roof, it’s plain and simple. This is the only thing that keep you and your family safe from the weather and protects everything that is inside the building, and is there to stay.

The more reason for you to make sure it is in tip-top condition, all year round. Having said this there are ways to also save costs with a roof, and this is by choosing the right kind of materials. Which is why we have put this article together to help you choose the best one that will last you a lifetime and have the least number of repairs, which means less costs and more savings in the long run. 

Types of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs come in all shapes and sizes and to make sure you choose the right one for your home, there are a few things that you should take into consideration.

1. Copper Material

The cost of roofs usually depends on a few things. The material, which is the obvious factor. But also, things such as the pitch, slope, size of the roof will make up the final costs. You can get panels, shingles, tiles, and even standing seam copper roofing. One thing to note is a copper roof will increase the resale value of the building even if you sell it in 10 years’ time. we’re talking profits of up to and sometimes more than, 85%. In some parts of the world, it can also reduce your insurance rates. Mainly because it is inflammable i.e. fire resistant, so less of a hazard.

In California this is a big plus point, due to the higher risk of forest fires in the region. Another good thing about it is, it is a beautiful looking metal that adds a touch of class to any home. This alone can justify the cost of replacing it. If your still not convinced, once you know their life-span you may be swayed. It is +/-60 to 100 years. All you need to do to maintain it is to get it coated with clear lacquer or polyurethane coat once every couple of years.

2. Tin Roofing Material

This is also quiet a popular choice amongst home owners, and they come in two types. Namely, flat, lock-tin roof and standing seam metal roofs. Attached to wooden sheathing, these can be easily placed on flat roofs and soldered seams into interlocking metal pieces. Not to be done as a DIY project but rather by a skilled person. Possibly one of the easiest to repair and maintain, tin roofs have become very popular throughout the world in all types of regions with various weather conditions. The way to keep it in good shape is by simply, scrubbing it clean gently and getting rid of any debris that may fall onto it. Although not the longest life span, it can stay for up to 7 years after which one must re-apply a protective coating that needs to be painted onto it to prolong its life. One can easily find a local roofing contractor to help you out with this once every 5 to 7 years. Without this coating it will be susceptible to different weather changes and the elements of it. Another thing they can do for you is to paint it whatever color you desire with specially made exterior metal paint.

Upkeep is also simple and can be done by yourself, whenever you see any paint starting to peel or any debris, which you can brush off or hose down to keep it looking clean. If you had to compare it to say something like Asphalt, which is what most home owners go for, a tin roof is far better and lives decades longer. Again, this too can add value to your building. When painted brick red, they can look stunning as any roof top.

Steel Roofing Material

Another companion that will stay with you for a very long time is a steel roof. It has been known to last for at least 50 years, and additionally provides over 80% rate or return on most places sale value. This article has more information for you to read through. This can be recycled, so it sustainable and good for the environment plus it is very durable as well. One does need a protective coating on top of this one as well, but this just means getting someone to give it one good paint once every few years. Soap and water do the trick of washing it and keeping it clean. Other than that, if it does get damaged or scratched by debris flying around, you just need to wipe the bit with a mineral or mentholated spirit and it comes right off.

One can get either metal shingles to replace existing ones, however these are not the best for roofing. You should rather opt for steel sheets during the building phases. If your worried about lightning hitting the roof, this is untrue and one need not worry about this. It is fire resistant and metal in any case, does not conduct electricity, and as a matter of fact it lessens the risk and may just be a better option to keep you safe in case of a wildfire in your region. We hope these three options help you to decide on the best one for your home!

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