What Utensils Are You Missing From Your Kitchen?

Here are some must-have utensils that you should have in your kitchen!

Photos By: Unsplash

When you move in your own place for the first time, you’ll probably want to save money, so most people only buy the most basic of utensils, most commonly a wooden spoon, a spatula and a kitchen knife. You may even purchase something that you only use once and never use again! But what kitchen utensils are essential? Let’s go through a few now.


You will use knives in your kitchen pretty much every day. These are one of those things that it really is worthwhile investing some time researching, and splurging on. Good knives can last you your whole life if you look after them properly. There are so many knives out there, with different knives for one or two specialist jobs, but unless you’re a chef or a cooking enthusiast, there really is no need for you to have more than three or four knives. A good place to start is with a chef’s knife. These are good all rounders that can do pretty much any job you want them to do. A paring or vegetable knife which is as it says, excellent at chopping fruit and vegetables. It is much smaller than a chef’s knife, so it is easier to use for more delicate tasks. A serrated bread knife for cutting loaves of bread. It is very difficult to accurately slice bread with a straight blade like a chef’s knife, the serrated edge makes the job much easier.

A carving knife which is excellent at carving or slicing meat joints, such as the turkey at Christmas.It’s also advisable to invest in a good knife sharpener or whetstone and learn how to safely and properly sharpen your knife blades. You are much more likely to do damage with a blunt blade than a sharp one, as you put so much more pressure behind a blunt blade.

Cooking Utensils

There are many different cooking utensils that you will need depending on what you like to cook. These are just some of the utensils that you should have in your kitchen as essential items. A metal spatula, a whisk, a silicone spatula, metal tongs, box grater, wooden spoons, vegetable peelers, a ladle, and a rolling pin. Utensils are available in metal, plastic or wood. It’s better to use metal or wooden, as we should all be cutting down on plastic. Some items though, such as a silicone spatula cannot be made in metal or wood, so just be sensible about what you’re buying. You’ll build up your cookware as you go along, finding out what’s necessary and what isn’t. When you end up burning your countertop with a hot pan that you set down, you realise that you really should use a trivet.

Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors are absolutely essential. Like your knives, you will use them almost every time you are in the kitchen. A good pair of kitchen scissors should be sharp, and easy to clean so you can keep them hygienic. Keep them in the kitchen so that other members of the household don’t use them for things like cutting paper which will quickly blunt them.

Chopping Board

A chopping board is essential. It should be easy to clean, and portable so you can pick it up to clean it. There are some very pretty chopping boards made of granite or similar stone, but these will quickly ruin the lovely knives you have just splurged on. Stick to a traditional wooden chopping board. Some people like to have more than one chopping board, one for uncooked meat and one for vegetables. This is a good idea, but if you are lacking storage space, then just ensure you clean it in between.

Meat Thermometer

Nobody wants to give themselves, or others food poisoning. This is where a meat thermometer comes in and are a great tool to have when preparing meals. Different meats need to be cooked to different temperatures, so a thermometer should be placed into the thickest part of the meat to check the temperature and therefore if it’s been cooked all the way through. As well as preventing food poisoning, it can also stop you from overcooking the meat and having dry, tough meat for dinner.


If you’re using your oven, you will need a good set of baking trays. This includes a deep roasting tray for roasting vegetables or joints of meat. Pyrex dishes always come in useful as well, for cooking stews or lasagne. If you are a pizza fanatic, a pizza tray will ensure your pizza is crisp on the bottom, without the pizza falling through the bars on the oven racks which can so often happen.


This is another place where you can spend a little bit more money. A good set of saucepans will last you a lifetime if looked after properly. Some people prefer non stick pans, and others prefer the ones without coating. It all depends on your preference, but whichever you get, learn how to look after them properly and you will never have to buy another set.

Measuring Jugs

Extremely useful for every day use in the kitchen. Measuring jugs come in a range of material, but the most popular are the pyrex glass ones. These are the most popular for a reason – they last. They can take a lot of abuse, are fairly heatproof, and as they are clear it’s easy to see what you’re measuring. As you can see there are several things that are essential for keeping your kitchen running smoothly. As you go through life and discover what you like cooking, or what you never want to cook again, you will find which utensils you need or don’t need. It’s always worth buying food quality equipment, and spending a little bit of money. If you scrimp here, you will end up buying the same piece of equipment time and time again, and spending more money in the long run. It’s important to have fun when cooking, and the correct utensils can make the experience an even more fulfilling one.