Protect Your Family’s Health With AquaOx Water Filters

Do you have a aqua filter in your home? Keep reading why it would be a good idea to install one!

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If there is one thing we know how to do well in this world, it is to be paranoid. We stress about illness and always think of the worst. We panic at almost everything as if we have control, which we do not have (but I believe something can be done)! The way we change our lifestyles to match our craziness seem to be getting out of control. We need to take a step back, take a minute and make a cup of tea if that helps. I know for me, a hot brew seems to have all the answers, and help me assess the situation for what it is.

Can we do anything to change the outcome? Is it something we believe we can manage? Do we have the skills to implement a change? Am I, and my family, safe? How can I keep them safe and healthy? These are not simple questions but knowing the answers to these could save us a lot of stress and anxiety, and for me, prevent fewer gray hairs. As a busy and a hands-on mother, I have been the only one in the family who always plan to the last minute, and whom everyone in the family expects to organize everything for everyone, ensuring each had a chore or task to complete!

Now Where Do These Get Me?

My family is my number one, but stress from worrying too much that sometimes you feel the need of drinking of now-my favorite pair gin and tonic at a certain part of the day, is kind of inevitable. I realized I need to do something, or I will fall completely off the wagon as it rolls far away into the distance. As a mom, the family’s chef, housemaid, repairman and a DIY-discoverer, one of the main concerns I have in my household, and always has been for as long as I can think back, was water. Yes, you heard right, the liquid we see running down mountains, flowing out the taps, or if you look out beyond the shore, a vast ocean brimming with a life undiscovered. I’m always washing my hand, make my children drink copious amounts of water each day to stay hydrated, and keep my place, especially the kitchen and bath always dry clean after a hard scrub of antibacterial cleaner and splashes of water, like all-the-time. I am that scrupulous! Well, when it comes to my family’s health, I can’t be just an average mom!

More Than Just a Filter

I was always buying the latest filtering jug gadgets to fill with water in the fridge for the kids, or an attachment for all the taps in the house that would act as a sieve for any contaminants and it became a freak show I’ll admit. I decided to do some research and low and behold I was not the only crazy cat lady in the neighborhood, there were others like me, the only difference is they had found the solution I had only just stumbled upon. What am I rambling on about? The system that changed mine and my family’s life, the AquaOx Water Filters, simple installation that ‘normalized’ our home and essentially took a huge weight off my shoulders I’d been carrying all these years.

My husband enjoyed being the DIYer and installing it himself. It was so simple. The kids don’t have to be embarrassed about having a contraption on every tap when their friends come over and need to drink some. It’s like I am relieved from all the overthinking of all what-ifs with this thing! I can now enjoy life knowing that we are in ‘safe filtration hands’ and impurities in our water intake don’t stand a chance. 

Benefits of Filtering Your Water.

Besides the fact that you have peace of mind that your drinking, bathing, and consumption of water is safe and chemical-free, there are a host of positives, some of which we will touch on today. I know there is a long list of benefits but let me share you these three:

  • Impurity-free. Having a filter remove all the contaminants not only makes the water taste and smell that much better, but it is a lot safer. Chemicals and heavy metals like mercury are detrimental to your health, not to mention your plumbing in the long run, filtering them and leaving only the good guys like calcium and magnesium is a priority.
  • Environmentally safe. As mentioned, recycling becomes a big part of your lifestyle if you opt for the bottled water way, it can take up to 3oo years for a single bottle to decompose. A simple water filter in the house can save a lot of time, and as we know life is short as it is. Each day is a blessing.
  • Money-saving. You may think the initial investment of a filter system isn’t worth it, but paying for stacks of plastic bottles bi-weekly is only going to begin to add up financially, you also have to ensure your bottles are recycled correctly each time. It becomes more hassle and plastic is not great, particles are shown to flake off and into our bodies.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so, take a minute to read this blog forum and see how others feel about purifying their water system, everyone is entitled to their own opinion sure so if nothing comes from it well at least you have both sides of the coin on the matter.

A Quick Gulp

With the current hard time we are all facing now and if all else fails, your best bet is to close your eyes and jump right in. When it comes to your family’s health, adding a water filtration system to your home is one of the best decisions to make. For some, the initial outlay of funds may be much, but it is beneficial like three times over in the future. The ease of mind it brings you, knowing that everyone in your house is safe, is priceless. Your yourself, and your family will thank you for it.

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