Spotlight On: Ultrasona – The Ultrasonic Cleaning Gadget that Cleans Germs with Sounds Waves!

Find out how you can clean your home from germs using new sound wave technology by Ultrasona!

We are always on the look out for new and improved ways of cleaning our homes, and keeping our families safe from germs, bacteria, and allergens. We were surprised and stunned to see how far cleaning technology has gone that now homeowners can clean surfaces with sound wave technology. Ultrasonic technology was used in the past only in the medical and industrial fields, and now it is available to the general public. Ultrasona is a hand-held cleaning device that cleans 99.9.% of germs, stains, bacteria, and dirt off of clothing, jewelry, surfaces, and other objects using sound waves.

This handheld cleaner is a safe and efficient way to clean basically everything in your home. Use it on dishes, shoes, baby toys, and hygiene products like razors, and makeup brushes. You can even use it to clean pesticides and germs off of fresh produce! This makes it a great product to use to keep your family safe from germs and other contaminates.

So how do you exactly use the Ulstrasona? All you need to do is place your Ultrasona in a basin of water (such as a sink), and place the object that you would like to be cleaned in the water. Then turn on the Ultrasona and leave it in the water to do the dirty work! You can expect all germs to be eliminated within minutes! The Ultrasona will reverberate 50,000 ultrasonic waves per second through the water. Surprisingly, the Ultrasona will actually never touch what it cleans; rather create microscopic bubbles that cling to anything in their path. Once these bubble burst, they release mini shockwaves that destroy microbial life.

My favorite use for Ultrasona is to remove tough stains from clothing, which it does miraculously. It achieves a microscopic clean that you could only achieve with ultrasonic cleaning technology. It can clean even delicate fabrics such as linen without the risk of damage. The fact that Ultrasona could remove the toughest stains and bacteria out of clothing is literally what sold me to buy this device!

The Ultrasona is a safe device that can be used by the whole family to clean hundreds of various items around your house. It is the perfect device if you have children or babies and are looking for an easy way to disinfect toys, and remove stains out of clothing. It’s easy to use, hands free, quiet, and so versatile.

So what are you waiting for? To get your hands on the Ultrasona, visit You will be cleaning away in no time! Let us know your experience with Ultrasona and if it worked for you, we would love to hear your thoughts.

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