Useful Tips for Cleaning Your Pool Tiles

Clean your pool tiles the easy way with these easy and effective cleaning tips!

Photos via: Houzz

Tiled pools look beautiful and luxurious, especially if you have bought your pool tiles from the Buyhometile online store. But your pool tiles can have a buildup and mildew. Dirty tiles can ruin the entire appearance of your pool and can make it less appealing for swimming. Especially the waterline of your pool is more likely to get grimy and discolored over time. If you are not hiring a pool maintenance service, here are the tips to keep them clean and shiny by yourself.

Keep an Eye on Pool Chemistry:

Scale and stains can buildup on the surface of waterline tiles. Chemical imbalance and organic materials such as soil and leaves clinging on the surface for extended periods can cause staining. When the pool water evaporates naturally, calcium scum can stick to the sides of the pool, making your tiles appear dull. Moreover, if there is insufficient chlorine in your pool, algae can accumulate around its edges. Too much chlorine can give a bleached appearance to your tiles due to buildup of calcium. However, this problem is especially noticeable on colored tiles.

Clean Up Organic Materials:

If your pool has any leaves, soil, grass clippings, or other organic materials, clean them away. You can use a vacuum or clean them away by hand. This will help minimize the buildup of grime and algae on the surface of your pool tiles.

Brush Your Pool Tiles:

Clean away the calcium carbonate from your tiles by working in circulating movements with the help of a stiff brush. If you have glass mosaic pool tiles, they are rather easier to clean. You can also use a toothbrush while working in smaller areas as it is gentle on the glass mosaic pool tile. Brush your pool tiles regularly to avoid them from becoming calcified as the calcium buildup is not easy to remove by yourself, and you may need a specialist in case of thick deposits.

Use the Right Cleaning Products:

If your pool has colored tiles, consult a pool specialist about what type of cleaning products are right for them. Many pool cleaning products contain bleach or other chemicals that can change the color of your tiles. Consistently using the inappropriate products on your tiles can leave them with a dull appearance. Ask for recommendations about the right cleaning products for your pool at your local pool supply store.

It’s not necessary to use the cleaning products every time you clean your pool. Sometimes when the dirt and grime in the pool are only minimal, using only a pool brush is enough to clean the pool tiles. Moreover, you can use homemade cleaners such as the solution of vinegar and water, baking soda and vinegar, or even dish soap to clean your tiles casually.

Bottom Line:

Avoid the scaling and grime on your tiles by keeping the pool free of debris and regularly cleaning the surface. Moreover, maintain the pool chemicals at the optimum levels. Thus, by regularly cleaning and maintaining your pool tiles and addressing any deposits and stains as they occur, you can avoid the costly and timely exercise of replacing the tiles of your pool.