10 Reasons Why Artificial Flowers Are Making a Comeback

Tired of purchasing fresh flowers all the time? These fake flowers look amazingly real and gorgeous!

Once upon a time, artificial flowers were considered tacky and easily recognizable as fake. However, innovative artificial plant companies like Nearly Natural are producing plants and trees that look completely real. In fact, they employ horticulturalists and talented artisans to ensure an authentic product.

There are many benefits to decorating your home with elegant artificial flowers and trees. Let’s explore a few!

Plants Will Never Go Out of Style

Beautiful plants, flowers and trees are timeless. Whether it’s a vase full of peonies or a bamboo tree, these little splashes of nature will always be “in.” Artificial flowers and trees are a great way to add color and life to your space, or to spruce up an otherwise drab corner of a room.

No Mess

When it comes to artificial plants, you can decorate your home with them without having real dirt or water spill on the furniture or floor. Hanging plants, trees, or wreaths will stay looking perfectly fresh, with no dropped leaves or dead blooms.

They Last Forever

One of the many best parts about decorating with artificial flowers and trees is that they last forever. Think about how much you would spend buying fresh flowers once a week, and calculate the amount of money you would save in just a year by decorating with fake flowers! The only upkeep these “plants” need is the occasional dusting, and you can rotate them according to the season or occasion.

Safe for Pets and Kids

Many popular house plants are toxic for pets and kids (here’s a partial list), so artificial versions of these plants are great news! Not only is there less mess if your kid or pet knocks them over, but you are free to decorate your home without the worry that something harmful will be ingested.

Better for DIY projects

When you spend your valuable time to create something for your home or patio, the hope is that it will last forever. When you use artificial flowers for your DIY projects, you know they’ll stay as vibrant and colorful as the day you created your one-of-a-kind piece. Whether it’s a gorgeous centerpiece or a decorative wreath, you can be sure that your hard work and crafty inspiration will last forever.

Thrive in Any Climate

Have you ever wished you could decorate your patio with a fruit tree or a tropical flower arrangement, but have hesitated because the climate doesn’t line up with the plant you want? Humidity, temperature, and sunlight conditions make many finicky plants notoriously hard to keep alive. Luckily, artificial trees and plants thrive in any climate allowing you to spruce up your home or patio any way (and in any season) you please!

Convenient for Travel

When you fill your house with artificial plants, you can go out of town without the hassle of hiring a house sitter to keep them watered. Travel should be relaxing and artificial plants are totally content to be home alone while you enjoy your vacation. Better yet, pack a few artificial plants to brighten up your hotel room or beach house!


Love the look of fresh lilies but hate the itchy sneezy allergies the pollen brings? Artificial flowers and trees add that flair of color to your home without aggravating your (or your guests’) allergies.

Budget Friendly

Artificial flowers don’t have to be constantly replaced like real flowers, and, considering that artificial flowers provide incredible value, decorating with these gems is so much easier on your long-term decorating budget than real flowers. Keep a variety of different faux arrangements on hand to keep your décor new and fresh all year!


With such a huge variety of artificial plants available, you can select the perfect type, color, and size for your decorating needs. And if you want to redecorate your home and change the whole color scheme, you can quickly swap out one faux plant for another, without all the stress and maintenance a new plant can bring. Always be prepared for any season or occasion with a stockpile of artificial plants…they make great gifts, too!

Do you decorate your home with artificial plants? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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