5 Tips to Finding a Great Land Management Company

Looking for a land management company? Here’s how to find the perfect one!

If you own a home near a lake, have a golf course that needs maintenance, or just wants to clear some acreage for development, then you know the importance of a land management company.  The only challenge comes in finding one that fully meets your needs. To help you out with this, let’s check out 5 tips to finding a great land management company.

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Check Out their Level of Experience in Land Management

One of the best way to finding a good land management company is to check out the number of years they have been in operation. For best results, go for a land management company that has been in business for many years. This way, you are sure that they have accumulated a wealth of experience in land management, and can use the same to give you good land management services. For instance, there is a good chance that a company like ACI land & aquatic management that has been in land management for over 15 years, understands this business better than a new comer in the industry.

Analyze their Technical Capacity

Land management entails having to deal with complex issues, such as cleaning up lakes, flood damage and uprooting dangerously hanging trees and even simple things such as organic lawn care. These require complex equipment for the job to be done to perfection. That’s why when looking for a land management company, the type of equipment they have should be an area of priority for you. Besides, the better the equipment they have, the faster they will do the job, which also means lower costs on your end. Just like security systems are an essential investment to your home, so is a land management company. Think of it as a long term investment that will pay off in the long run!

Ensure that They are Registered

Before you engage with a land management company, ensure that they are registered with the relevant authorities, and for two reasons. Firstly, by being registered it means that they have the mandate to do that job. Working with an unregistered company might expose you to lawsuits in case of any eventuality. Besides, when the land management company has the necessary certifications, it means that they meet all the requirements needed for them to operate in the land management space. This gives you some level of assurance that you can expect an above par quality of work.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the most effective ways to finding a good land management company is to ask for recommendations from people who have used such services in the past. Alternatively, you can identify a few companies that you believe you can work with, then talk to some of their previous clients. For great results, engage with the land management company that has the best recommendations. There is really no incentive for a past client to lie about the quality of services that they received from the land management company they have worked with in the past.

Compare Prices

Before you choose to work with a given management company, be sure to compare their pricing with that of other management companies in your locality.  Don’t go for an overly expensive company, when they don’t have any special services to justify the price. Similarly, don’t go for a cheap one that might not deliver on their promises. A balance of quality and price is always the way to go.


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