Dry Cleaning: The Best Way to Tackle the Dustiest Places

Dust is everywhere, and there’s no way of preventing it from accumulating in your home. We’ll teach you how to tackle the dustiest spots easily and effectively!

Dry cleaning is cleaning a room without sinks or any water sources. Dust and dirt tend to fly when they’re disturbed, and a dry room is always cleaned starting from the top to the bottom. Working around the room only once saves you time, and makes the job go by faster. Read our steps on how to handle cleaning a dry room!

how to clean a dry room dusting cleaning easy save time cloth cleaning

Step 1:

Place the wastebasket outside the door to be emptied. You can get rid of the trash at the end.

Step 2:

Move around the room in sections, and always start from the top. Use a long-handled duster and wipe down crown moldings, door tops, and the tops of photos and other artwork. Clean photo glass and windows with a cloth sprayed with glass cleaner.

how to dry clean dusting windows vacuuming cleaning easy quick saves time

Step 3:

Now it’s time to tackle horizontal surfaces. Dust any knick-knacks on mantles, shelves, or tabletops with a cleaning cloth, then dust the surface beneath them. Apply a spray of cleaner to loosen any soil on windowsills or counter tops. Dust furniture legs and wipe the dust from baseboards.

Step 4:

From circling the room and working from the top to the bottom, clean any furniture in the center. Vacuum the floor and empty and replace the wastebasket. For a final touch, spray the room with freshener to leave it smelling great!

how to clean dry rooms dusting vacuuming cleaning easy saves time windows shelves dusting

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