DIY: 7 Lavender Crafts

These lavender crafts are so easy to make, and they smell amazing! Make deodorizing disks, essential oil, candles, and more!

Plant These Fast Climbing Vines gardening summer privacy shade climbing2

Plant These Fast Climbing Vines

These vines are a great and natural way to add shade and privacy to your balcony or patio. Here are 5 fast climbing varieties that will grow in no time!

10 exotic vegetables and fruits to grow eggplant malaysian dark red pineberry garden pots growing organic

10 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables You Can Grow at Home!

Growing your own fruits and veggies isn’t as hard as you think! All you need is a small area of your backyard, or if you don’t have a yard, a few pots will do just fine. Pick out your favorite exotic fruits and veggies from our list, and get your own garden started!

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What’s Trending: Grow Your Own Soup Garden!

Soup gardens are becoming pretty popular these days, and for good reason, too! Having your own soup garden means you’ll be able to enjoy organic vegetables, and it will save you money! So, put on your gardening gloves and let’s get started!