Tips In Using Social Media Marketing For Your Real Estate Listings

Real estate marketing is fertile ground with numerous economic advantages. Short and vertical films are picking up steam as a new way to offer real estate on social media!

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Ephemeral content is also becoming popular. You can twist your video services for more due to the present social media features like sizing standards. We can provide different video kinds.

Reducing video length 

You can give a teaser (from 15 seconds to 60 seconds) as an add-on to our normal outstanding drone or walkthrough movies. Teasers are a great way to highlight the best characteristics of a home while being short and appealing to social media viewers. What’s great is you can easily purchase a teaser for your extended video with a real estate video editing firm for a fraction of the cost and time.

9:16 real estate reels are the next best thing

Many real estate brokers have used Instagram Reels or Tiktok movies to market their business and online listings. You can sell three styles of vertical (9:16) real estate videos to agents. The first are slideshows, created using still photos rather than video. The second is a hybrid of both.

Providing 1:1 videos

Be present and “square.” Did you know that Twitter prefers 1:1 video ratios over other ratios for the best viewing experience? Square videos are listed as one of the most usable formats on Facebook and LinkedIn. Moreover, on Instagram, square videos appear consistently in both the profile grid and the feed. As a result, cropping real estate videos with a 1:1 aspect ratio is an important approach to providing social media-friendly content.

Introducing slideshow videos

If your real estate clients cannot afford video services, you might also consider promoting your photography with an eye-catching slideshow. A professional video editing service like Esoft can create a slideshow of the best-looking property images and dynamic music with no extra effort from you. Slideshows will be available in all possible aspect ratios, including horizontal, square, and vertical.

Utilizing 9:16 images

This is how real estate photography companies can enter the realm of ‘ephemeral content.’ Because of their “mobile-friendliness,” 9:16 or vertical images are excellent input for Facebook and Instagram Stories. You can help your clients drive engagement and frequent brand interaction by providing premade or real estate social media templates of stories or posts. Simply choose one vertical photo and decorate it with some property information or a catchphrase as a Story cover. Furthermore, you can also edit these photos and enhance them. You can also seek help from experts in real estate photo editing for your pictures to become clean-cut. 

Uploading 1:1 images for social media content

This is a very underappreciated photo aspect ratio. Did you know that Instagram and LinkedIn recommend using square photos for paid posts to achieve the best advertising results in terms of conversions and click-throughs? Posting square images on Instagram is a long-term strategy that ensures a consistent display between the feed and the grid (profile page).

Social media is the next best thing when marketing your listings!  Photo companies can broaden their marketing offers in this way, meet the demand for content for real estate social media marketing operations, and better serve their clients!