What You Need To Know Before You Begin Your Pole Barn Project

These days, you cannot come across a lot of people who are interested in building a pole barn. Why is that?

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Well, most likely because these types of projects can be pretty challenging, and it’s safe to say that they are definitely not for everyone. You must be very ambitious and patient in order to make it successful. Plus, since it can be a bit cost-effective it would be advisable to get yourself familiar with some things, gather as much information as you can before you take any further steps.

After all, you do not want everything to go to waste just because you weren’t properly informed. But don’t worry. That’s precisely one of the reasons why we’ve decided to create this article. We wanted to share some useful tips that will help you have a smooth pole barn construction project.

Things You Must Do Before You Start Building A Pole Barn

Everything Starts With Planning

Just like with everything else in life, planning is crucial in this case as well. There are many factors that are included in the planning process, and below we are going to enumerate the most important ones.

  • Determine the style you want – There are several pole barn styles, and that’s something that must be established first, before moving on to another part of the planning. These are the most common types: residential, commercial/industrial, equestrian, suburban, and agricultural.
  • Take a look at some other examples of these buildings – If you need some inspiration or ideas, you can always go online to check out numerous photo galleries that are dedicated to pole barns.
  • Learn everything about the zoning laws, neighborhood covenants, and building codes – The truth is, you cannot build anything your heart desires, however, if you develop a good plan, and you join forces with someone who is knowledgeable, you’ll be able to accomplish this.
  • Plan dimensions for actual use – Take these things into consideration: capacity, access, and traffic patterns for animals, people, supplies, equipment, and inventory.
  • Your building should complement other buildings from your neighborhood – This means that you should match roof pitches and colors, along with window styles and doors, with structures that are close to you.

Will You Consider Hiring A Professional Engineer?

This is a decision that definitely must be carefully considered. Namely, a lot of people decide to invest a substantial amount of money into this project, mainly because it has become a popular building choice, but they frequently overlook the fact that just like any other type of building, it is susceptible to numerous stresses. For instance, it will inevitably encounter rain and wind.

And if it hasn’t been properly built, it’s not going to be able to survive these external factors. Therefore, you should hire an expert who is familiar with structural integrity because he or she will help you in these instances:

  1. You’ll be able to make smart, informed buying decisions
  2. Have peace of mind
  3. Save lots of cash in the long run

Anything Else That Must Be Said?

What About The Posts?

The classic pone barn normally has two alternatives when it comes to posts. Generally speaking, pole barns were built with one log or one-piece post-construction. Normally, these posts were 6-by-6 posts.

Now, in the last couple of years, a plethora of manufacturers have opted for laminate posts that are practically the same size. Furthermore, a single wood post is still one of the most commonly used construction materials, and these posts can generally be a great option for smaller buildings, or the ones that have lower sidewalks or rooflines.

Even though they are more economical, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are less complicated to work with. Plus, another negative thing about them is the fact that they do not provide structural strength.

When it comes to laminate posts, they are built from three smaller pieces of lumber that have been attached together to create a single post. Namely, these posts have an amazing resistance to rot and are less likely to invert.

Be Patient

It’s completely acceptable if you want your project to be completed fast, however, keep in mind, that these projects usually require lots of time because there are so many things that have to be done, starting from developing floor plans, site erection, and preparation and many other things. Therefore, you must be very patient if you want it to succeed.

As you can see, there are so many sides to this project that must be carefully reconsidered in order to accomplish exactly what you’ve planned. That’s why before you begin anything, first read every piece of advice that has been written here.