How Much Does it Cost to Replace or Repair a Roof?

Repairing or replacing a roof is essential to ensure you are safe and your house is in good condition!

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But it’s also easy to become blindsighted by the investment this may require. By understanding the price range of common repairs, what to look out for on your roof, and the total replacement cost, you can prepare for the future. 

Factors Affecting Roof Repair Cost

Before you can estimate how much you might pay for a roof repair or replacement, you need to consider various factors that can influence the total price.


The average cost of roofing labor is between $1.50 and $3.00 per square foot, depending on the extent of the damage, the materials required, and the removal of old roofing material.

  • Damage – If there is dangerous and existing widespread damage, this can increase the time and equipment required to repair a roof.
  • Environment – Harsh conditions, such as extreme cold and wind, can increase the price of what you will have to pay as a homeowner.
  • Removing old roofing material – Needing to remove layers of shingles to install new material will increase the roof repair cost. 


The average material cost could range from around $100 to $1,000 per square foot, depending on the type of material you use. The total price of materials will account for around 40-50% of the entire roof repair cost.

Below is a list of the average cost to replace a roof depending on the type of material: 

  • Asphalt shingles – $2,500 
  • Galvanized steel – $3,000
  • Stainless steel – $14,000
  • Stone or slate – $20,000
  • Copper – $25,000

Repairing vs. Replacing a Roof – Which One Is Best For Me?

If you need to fix your roof in several places, should you even bother repairing the roof? Is it more worth it to just do a complete overhaul?

If the damage to your roof is contained in a small area, you can typically get away with only paying for the repair of the damaged area. However, before you decide which type of replacement or repair is required, it is best to ask the opinion of a professional — or multiple professionals — to ensure you have a reliable opinion.

Age of Your Roof

One thing to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your roof is the age of your roof. If you are not sure how old it is, hiring a contractor can help provide you with an estimation. If your roof is over 15-20 years, then you should consider installing new shingling to avoid any damage to the rest of your home.

Some hard to recognize signs of broken or damaged shingles include bruised shingles, loose granules, and undetected leaks. Because these are not obvious issues, hiring a professional to perform a full roof inspection can help you catch any undetected problems.

Future Plans

The number of years you plan to stay in your house is the next thing to consider when debating whether to repair or replace your roof. If you have already had several repairs on your roof, having a roofer inspect the longevity of the shingles is key to making an intelligent decision. If you are planning on living and retiring in that home for the next 40 years, then replacing your roof can give you better peace of mind. 


The next consideration of whether you should repair or replace the roof is the budget — how much can you afford to spend on the necessary change out of your roof? A roof replacement might be too much of an investment for some people. If that’s the case, repairing small spots one at a time can help you slowly make your house a safer place to live.

Because putting off roof repair can lead to larger costs in the long-run, refinancing your mortgage, taking out a roofing loan, or checking your homeowner’s insurance policy could be worthy considerations.

Most Common Roof Repairs

Before you can get a quote for how much it might cost to repair your roof, you need to keep in mind the most common roof repairs that may add on extra charges. 

  • Hail Damage – If you live in a climate where there is ample hail, snow, and inclement weather, hail damage can increase the cost of your roof repairs. 
  • Water spots – Leaks can build over time, causing homeowners to suddenly see a dark spot on their ceiling. A water spot indicates that the leak has been forming over time and can increase the price of the new roof. 
  • Nails through the roof – The third common roof repair for homeowners is nails coming through the roof. If the nails get too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, they can break down and deteriorate. 
  • Damaged roof vents – Many roof vents scan with mild climate conditions, but others are not able to endure the trials and tribulations of extreme weather. In this case, roof vents may age poorly, crack, and cause water to run out of the holes in your old roof.
  • Missing flashing – Flashing is the substance that removes moisture from internal structures of your roof (such as the vents and chimneys). Without flashing, your roof will begin to leak. Avoid paying a high roof replacement cost and keep an eye on any areas of missing, failing, or improperly installed flashing on your roof.
  • Missing chimney cricket – The chimney cricket ( a peak behind your chimney that deflects water and debris from entering) can cause damage to your house if not installed properly. Debris and moisture can leak into your home without a proper chimney cricket. 

Average Roof Repair Cost

Now that you have an idea of the common problems to look out for, knowing the average cost of repairing a roof is key to budgeting your money and choosing the best contractor for the job. 

A roof repair can range between $200 and $1,000 for a minor repair that doesn’t take over the entire roof surface area, whereas a more major problem can cost between $1,500 and $7,000 for the entire job. The majority of the cost of the roof will be spent on the roofing material, materials required for the repair, the square footage, and the type of shingles you use (asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal, etc.). 

Most Common Reasons for Roof Replacement

If the problem is more widespread or more drastic, it will not be possible to simply repair a patch of the roof to save money. In this case, a roof replacement is required to keep water out of your house, avoid structural damage, and keep your family safe. 

Aging Shingles

One of the most common reasons for a roof replacement is aging shingles. Shingles that are not taken care of properly (and have thus aged poorly) can cause brittle and weak roofing. As the shingles get older, they are going to encounter more weather, deteriorate, and break down. In this case, it may be a more intelligent investment to pay for an entirely new roof instead of just a repair. 

Lack of Maintenance

If you do not take care of roof repair issues, you might find yourself paying a hefty fee upfront than if you had kept up with routine maintenance. Like anything else in life, routine maintenance is key to avoiding larger-scale issues. The same goes for your roof — lack of roof maintenance can cause the need for an entire replacement!

Water and Cold Temperatures

Small amounts of rain, snow, ice, and sleet can cause roof damage beyond repair over time. If you live in the southern United States, you may not have to worry about this. However, if you live in Colorado, Canada, or Utah, your roof will have to withstand water and cold temperatures for multiple months out of the year. 

High Heat and Humidity Levels

Those living in Florida have to worry about a different problem than cold temperatures. High winds, thunderstorms, and tropical storms can damage your roof if you live in a hot and humid climate. With high winds and humidity, shingles can deteriorate over time. Choosing the best roofing material that can withstand wind storms is essential to avoid paying for an entire roof replacement.

Improper Installation

You may have to pay for a roof replacement if the initial installation is improper. If the workers do not put the shingles on correctly or secure the material, you may find that a lack of flashing will cause leaks, and overlapped shingles can result in rainwater dripping into your home.

Weight on the Roof

If you, your friends, or your children enjoy relaxing on the roof, this can cause the roof material and shingles to break down over time. Along with being unsafe, walking on a roof can cause the material to break down quicker than it otherwise would. 


A roof replacement cost will be nearly double — or more — as the cost of a roof repair. Since you will have to take all of the existing material off the roof and start fresh, the labor costs will be much higher due to the extra time. The average price of replacing a roof usually comes to between $5,500 and $11,000, with the average median replacement cost being $8,000 for most homeowners. 

Homeowners can make the best decision in terms of finances by determining the causes of roof damage, the average repair cost, and the average replacement cost. After inspecting the roof and analyzing the damage, homeowners should find the right questions to ask the roofer, browse company reviews, and ask questions so the professional can help fix your home and make it safe again.

The costs of replacing or repairing your roof may seem alarming, but it is a worthy investment that can save larger costs down the road. To learn more about the process, contact Baltic Roofing for professional guidance. We’re here to help!