Awesome Housewarming Gifts You Can Get for Your Friends

Need to purchase a housewarming gift? Here are some great ideas!

Photos By: Unsplash

Whether your close friends have moved to a new apartment or bought their first house, the moving process can be daunting. Packing and unpacking always tend to be stressful, but once covered, they’re only left with the fun part, which is decorating. Aligning the sofa with the coffee table, finding stylish rugs, and buying plant pots and accessories are some fun ways to make their new place feel like home. Additionally, a good housewarming gift can make the transition easier while the new homeowners or tenants are trying to adjust to the new place. Finding a housewarming gift that is practical and lovely can be challenging, but we’re here to help. From decorative pieces to personalized portraits, this list has something for everyone even if you’re on a budget.

Money Plant

If you’re looking for a resilient and pet-friendly plant, a potted money plant is the best option. It is a Chinese plant that is said to welcome wealth and fortune to its owners, bring prosperity and good luck, and add more growth in several areas of life. In addition, money plants are usually spotted in many homes because they’re low-maintenance plants with high survival rates and can grow in both direct and indirect sunlight. They got their names because of their flat leaves, and with broad imagination, might resemble coins. Choose a planter that matches the aesthetic of your friends’ new home. There is a wide range of colors, such as off-white, black, mint, blush, or terracotta.

Portable Ice Maker

If you know that your friends dislike using ice cubes or the kitchen freezer to make ice cubes, there is no better gift to them than an ice maker. You can find a space-saving machine that can be placed on the countertop, especially if your friends have a small kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how useful something like an ice maker can be. Moreover, on hot summer days, having an automatic ice maker can truly make them feel fresh and happy all the time. There are plenty of reliable reviews online that will help you decide what the best option for a portable ice maker would be so that you’re getting your friends the best of the best! It also comes in handy when they host a party and everyone wants their drink to stay cold. Although most ice machines are somehow similar when it comes to functionality, there might be some small variations in terms of capacity, output, and efficiency.

Engraved Cutting Board

Buying a gift for your loved ones is a sweet gesture, no matter what it is. However, going through the challenge of creating a personalized gift, makes it truly special and unique. As a way of welcoming your friends to their new house, invest in an engraved cutting board with their names and the date they moved. This gift is sentimental and practical at the same time. They can use it as a decorative piece or actually use it to cut veggies and the likes. Unless you’re a skillful carpenter or DIY-er, it is best to let experts handle the engravings. You don’t want to ruin your present or make it look ugly!

Cheese Board Set

An excellent gift for your foodie friends is a cheese board set, where they get to satisfy their cravings. Your gift will allow them to add a variety of cheese types and other foods on one platter in a presentable manner. They can also use it whenever they host parties to offer their guests a wide range of options. The set doesn’t only come with a board; usually, there are small knives that are specialized for cutting cheese. Other sets come with a glass dome or several serving boards.

Choose a style that appeals to your friends’ taste and their requirements. If they’re social people who love hosting parties and receiving guests all the time, ensure you buy a large set that comes with several trays.

Kitchen Towels Set

One of the most annoying things that always happen when moving out is forgetting or losing small personal belongings. Save your friends the trouble of repurchasing their lost items and buy them a kitchen towel set that is essential in any kitchen. Not only are these towels handy when it comes to drying dishes or cleaning up spills, but they also are great to cover leftovers and wrap bread loaves. Ensure you buy a 12-pack of high-quality, durable towels to last longer and be useful.

Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser will allow your friends to fill their space with a charming aroma of essential oils. Since the varieties of essential oils are countless, a diffuser is a perfect way for them to experiment with an abundance of oil blends and smells and experience distinctive moods. This gift is also great as it will help cover the strong smell of fresh paint and release a pleasant aroma. While you’re at it, buy a few essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, chamomile, and lemon to make the place serene.

Coffee Maker

The sweetest gift to any coffee lover is undoubtedly a coffee maker. If you’re sure that they don’t own one already, this can be an amazing present. A coffee maker will allow your loved ones to save money as they will do without their daily Starbucks intake that is quite pricey. They will also have the chance to create their favorite coffee drinks at any time of the day without the hassle of visiting coffee shops. Bear in mind though that coffee makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so choose a suitable one that matches their space.

Pro Blender

You can also invest in a mixer or pro blender for your friends to either blend their breakfast and go or make some delicious smoothies. You can also buy a blender cup that comes with a to-go lid to help them avoid the transfer mess.

Although housewarming gifts are sweet, they sometimes end up in the trash or donation piles, especially when they’re cheap or tacky. A well-chosen housewarming gift can help your loved ones feel at home. If you want your gift to be special, choose one based on what the recipient likes. Moving out can be daunting, so ensure that your gift is meant to make them feel happy. Save the listed ideas before you go shopping for house welcoming gifts to help you choose the best option.