Signs that You Might Need Electrical Repairs Soon

Recognizing the warning signals can aid in identifying the electrical repairs necessary to keep your house safe.

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Not only does a well-working electrical system keep the lights on in your house, but it also reduces the chance of hazards such as electrocution and fire. Electrical faults often show warning signs before turning into severe problems. By identifying early warning indications of a problem, you can schedule electrical repairs on time and guarantee the overall system’s safety. In Nashville, TN, there were reports of over 500 electrocutions last year (2020), and over 200 this year (2021) have already been recorded. The safety of yourself and your family members should be the foremost concern. So, let us discuss the early signs if you need electrical repairs soon without further ado.

Early Signs of Electrical Repairs

Flickering lights, startling switches, tripped circuit breakers, or unusual odors (burning smell) or noises are all frequent and critical warning indicators to be aware of. You can take steps as a homeowner in Nashville, TN, to avoid the issue from becoming worse. However, electrical repairs are complex, and hiring an expert electrician is advised if these warning signs appear.

Home Inspection

Although a house inspection and an electrical assessment are not the same, most homeowners depend on their initial evaluation to ensure that their property is structurally sound. However, not everyone is trained to see the possible electrical problems certain homes may have, such as obsolete two-prong plugs or light switches installed upside-down. While these concerns may seem minor eccentricities of an older house, they can be signs of more severe problems. For example, a two-prong outlet can suggest that the wiring is outdated and perhaps not up to code. An upside-down light switch may suggest that someone attempted to install electrical wiring on their own, resulting in future issues with the electrical wiring. For those who have never had their home electrically inspected, now might be an excellent opportunity to schedule an appointment with a qualified electrician in Nashville, TN.

Burning Smell

It is more than likely that a burning smell precedes an electrical fire. However, a burning smell can also accompany a short circuit that has resulted in a spark. A short circuit occurs when two wires of opposing polarity (positive and negative) come into contact and produce a spark, circuit breaker trips, or water leakage. Turn off the circuit breaker and contact an electrician to confirm that there is no additional damage.

Circuit Breaker Tripping

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that automatically safeguards an electrical circuit from damage caused by excessive current from an overload or short circuit. When the quantity of power flowing through the circuit exceeds its capacity, it trips the circuit breaker. The tripping of the circuit interrupts the flow of electricity via the circuit, reducing the likelihood of an electrical fire.  If your circuit is often tripping, consider disconnecting any appliances that use a lot of energy. Adding extra circuits or improving your electrical services would be two options for fixing this problem. But, first, shut off the main circuit breaker, and call a professional electrician to diagnose the issue if you live in Nashville, TN.

Unusual Sounds

An audible buzzing of a switch or outlet is a warning indication that something is wrong and that action should be taken. Because arcing occurs when the electricity between metal wire contacts inside a switch is present, the issue is likely with the connection. Arcing is a term used to describe a current that leaps between metal components rather than flowing continuously along metal channels as in a regular current. If the issue is with the switch, there may be a loose connection.

There is no such thing as a “normal” electrical sound. Therefore, you must get your home’s electrical work examined as soon as possible if you hear humming or crackling noises from your electrical circuits. These noises are often caused by overloaded wiring, which may occur due to the wire’s age or a failure elsewhere in the system. To prevent this from happening, disconnect any appliances you plug in and get your home inspected as soon as possible after doing so.

Flickering Lights

Lighting that is continuously flickering or dimming is an apparent indication that there is an electrical issue. A faulty wiring connection or the usage of too many appliances on a single circuit may be the source of the problem. However, it is also possible that the low voltage supply is the cause of the problem. As a result, the bulbs are not getting the proper amount of electricity. Call an electrician in Nashville, TN, for help if the flickering continues to occur often after you have ensured that the bulb is securely fastened to the fixture.

Loose Outlets

When you remove a gadget from a power outlet, it should never move about. The presence of a loose connection signals a potential danger, such as an electric shock, if the issue is not fixed.

Fuse Blowing Repeatedly

Blowing a fuse sometimes is not usually a reason for concern, but a persistent problem should be addressed immediately. For example, it may be a sign of an outdated panel, an exposed electrical line, or another potentially hazardous situation.


While receiving a shock from normal static levels is generally not a cause for concern, receiving one from your electrical outlets is a serious issue. If you suffer pain or any other unusual symptoms after getting a shock, seek medical care right away and have your electrical system checked out as soon as possible.


If any of these signs apply to your home, it is time to contact professionals. There are plenty of licensed and insured electricians in Nashville, TN, who can check your home over for any issues and make necessary recommendations.