What are the Benefits of Powder Coating Household Items?

As we find ourselves in spring, many of us will be contemplating some spring cleaning and maybe redecorating parts of our homes!

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This often involves a trip to the local DIY store to pick up a tin of paint and some new brushes. However, there is an alternative that can give various household items a fantastic finish that will last! Powder coating is a process used in manufacturing, but there are also significant benefits that translate to household items. Below we’ll go through some of these benefits with examples of items that you could powder coat. But before we do that, some readers may be unfamiliar with powder coating, so here is a brief explanation of the process.

Unlike painting with liquid paint from a tin, powder coating is a specialised process that requires a professional to carry out the work in a purpose-built environment with the necessary equipment. To powder coat metal objects, the metal first needs to be correctly cleaned, using a process such as shot blasting. After this is complete, the object is transferred to a clean room and earthed. This helps attract the paint powder to the object as the powder is forced, using compressed air through an electrostatic gun, giving the powder a positive charge. Once fully coated, the object is baked in a curing oven to strengthen the coating further. So, what are the benefits of powder coating household items?


While it might not be something we think about for many household objects, ensuring they are durable is a critical feature. Paint is prone to chipping and developing cracks, and this never looks good. Compared to traditional liquid paint, powder coating offers a far more durable option. Many household items could benefit from a more durable finish. For example, if you have a busy household with young children or pets, metal table or chair legs could benefit from powder coating to ensure they stay looking their best. Alternatively, as we approach summer, many of us will be looking forward to spending time outside in the garden. Due to the cold and wet weather we experience during the autumn and winter, metal garden furniture that has been painted with liquid paint can crack and chip. However, powder coating will be far more durable in the cold winter weather and still look its best with summertime arrives.

Look and Feel 

Ensuring household items look their best is important, and powder coating can definitively help in this area. Powder coating allows you to create various finishes depending on your style. There is also the possibility to mix colours if you’re looking for a graduated finish which is much harder to achieve with liquid paints. When just considering how a household object that needs to be painted will look, powder coating can produce a smooth surface without the risk of the paint running and creating streaks or lines, as is often the case with liquid paint.

Improved Effectiveness 

An area that is overlooked with paint is how it impacts the effectiveness of certain household items. Radiators are a perfect example of this. When radiators are powder-coated, their emissivity can improve. This is the measure by which surfaces are judged based on their effectiveness to emit energy as heat. Compared to a shiny surface, a powder-coated one will have a higher emissivity, and this can allow you to run your radiators for less time while they will still produce heat effectively. By powder coating radiators, you can improve the way they look and the way they operate. Overall, powder coating can really benefit household items in various ways. Not only can powder coating help household items look great, but it can help keep them looking and working at their best for longer than traditional liquid paint. As mentioned, this is a specialised skill that requires a professional with the correct training and equipment to carry out. If you’re interested in having household items powder-coated, it would be worth contacting a local company to discuss this further with them.

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