Is Ducted Air Conditioning Worth it?

Thinking about installing duct air conditioning in your home? Here are some some tips from the experts!

Ducted air conditioning is an air conditioning system with a central fan coil hidden on the roof. The system is connected in different rooms to allow the ideal temperature within a house. There are many reasons to consider Sun City Air ducted air conditioning, including convenience, control, efficiency, and also reliable air duct cleaning. Recently, the installation of ducted air conditioning systems has increased since they are considered the best, particularly for larger spaces. The following are reasons why you should consider installing a ducted air conditioning system.

Control and Zoning

Ducted air conditioning provides adequate system control to users. The air conditioning system allows you to cool the entire house and control the temperatures of individual rooms. Hence, you can turn off the zones that are not in use, thereby saving energy costs. Additionally, the system proves to be an excellent choice for families who respond differently to temperatures. Unlike having a central temperature control system, a ducted air conditioning system allows every individual in a household to control the temperature to their preferred state. A ducted air conditioning system is highly versatile and makes it easy to maintain an ideal temperature in each area. The system is designed perfectly to keep even air distribution, such that there are no cold or hot parts within the house.

Easy to Control

Ducted air conditioning systems are controlled through a push-button placed in a high traffic area within the house. Additionally, the system is incorporated with timers for automatic control until you achieve the desired temperatures. For instance, you can set timers when to switch on and off, thereby saving on energy costs.


A ducted air conditioning system makes it easier to plan your house’s interior design. This is mainly because the system is almost invisible. It’s installed on the roof to minimize its visibility and become much more aesthetically appealing. Additionally, a ducted air conditioning system looks classy and offers a seamless installation on the house.


One of the best factors about ducted air conditioning systems is that it’s energy-efficient and saves energy costs. Although the system is expensive to install, it can offset other air conditioners’ lives due to more efficient cooling and lower electrical bills. Ducted systems have proven to be efficient and reliable for larger spaces. With conventional systems, you would need two or more air conditioners, adding to your energy costs. Conversely, a ducted system reduces redundancy and helps maintain temperatures with less electricity costs. Through zoning, ducted air conditioners save a substantial amount of energy. This allows you to shut off the system in the zones that aren’t being used.

Less Noise

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to minimize noise for comfortable night sleep. The master compressor system is installed in a systemic position outside the house and is usually further away from the bedroom.

Increase in Property Value

Installing ducted air conditioning makes your property a more attractive option. Although the system is relatively cheap, it’s still regarded as a high-end product by many.