Simple But Effective Ways to Keep a Home Clean with Kids 

Keep your home looking clean even if you have kids, here’s how!

Photos By: Unsplash

One of the subtle changes that occur when you have kids is that your house becomes less tidy. It begins with a toy here and a coat there, but eventually, it snowballs until there’s clutter everywhere and you become overwhelmed. 

This problem is quite common in households, and even though you may not see a way out, there’s hope. You can clean your home and train your kids to keep things that way. But as with other parts of parenting, it requires planning and structure. Here are four critical elements that can help create that structure. 

1. Start with a Deep Clean

Begin by hiring a deep cleaning in Austin company (or wherever you are.) We recommend a deep cleaning company because you need to start on the best possible note. They can clean all the areas you can’t find time to reach, like behind the bathtub, under the refrigerator, and of course, the attic. Hiring a cleaning company also gives your kids strong visuals. It shows that you’re serious about keeping the home clean, and you’re taking the necessary steps. 

You can also clean your home yourself. In this case, be sure to also declutter and throw away things you don’t need. This includes old toys, clothes nobody wears, and decorative pieces that have become a nuisance. 

2. Ensure Everyone knows Where Things Go

Assigning a place of your household items makes them easier to store and retrieve. People have been using this system to keep spaces clean for years because it’s effective for adults and kids. It also helps to ensure that you only use practical spaces. For example, keeping the remote near the TV won’t work if your kids watch a lot of different channels. It’s much better on a stool beside the couch. With other items like dishes and coats, ensure that your kids can reach them. If your kids can’t reach the coat rack, they won’t hang their coats no matter how badly they might want, too. With the toy chest, ensure it’s close enough to their playing area. 

3. Create a Cleaning Routine

Making your kids a part of the cleaning routine could make things easier for you. Plus, it helps them channel their abundant energy towards something productive. Cleaning routines are best when incorporated into your daily schedules. Cleaning responsibilities also have a way of making kids honest and conscious. Whoever is in charge of picking toys will never litter the floor with their Legos again. Consider assigning responsibilities according to your kids’ age. Older kids can take on more significant tasks and even supervise the younger ones. 

4. Teach your Kids to Clean

This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s amazing how far small instructions can go. Consider showing them the proper technique for everything from folding clothes to making their beds. The same goes for vacuuming, arranging shoes, and putting plates in the sink. 

Sometimes, older kids will develop their own systems of cleaning. They may find more convenient places for toys or prefer to make their beds a certain way. If someone has ever reorganized your space, you know how disorienting it can be. It helps to notice when this happens and try to encourage them.