What are Garden Pods and Why You Should Have Them in Your Home 

If you’re in search of an alternative to a traditional outdoor space, or perhaps you want to add an extra dimension to your outdoor space, then why not look at a garden pod?

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Garden pods are an extension of your home, your escape from reality. It can serve as your office space, yoga studio, hobby room, or simply a hangout place. Most garden pods are beautifully crafted and are designed to help you have your own personal outdoor space. With a garden pod, you’re not only able to create a smaller and more intimate area for relaxation and entertaining family and friends, but you’re also able to create an open and natural environment. By removing the need for curtains, you will be able to open up your garden to the outside world, creating a more personal and intimate area. You might be thinking that garden pods are a little too extra for you. However, there are a ton of great benefits to having a garden pod:  

Escape from Reality 

When you’re just tired of being at home or the office all day, you might want to surround yourself in a different environment. The use of a garden pond is a great use for having the relaxation and escape that you need. It can be your spot for your book reading, binge-watching, yoga practice, or just a place where you can sit and relax. A garden pod helps to refresh your mind and be more positive with life. If you’re looking for a modern-looking garden pod, an urbanpods might be a great help for you as they design garden pods according to your perspective. They’re pre-manufactured and shipped out to clients, so you wouldn’t have to worry having people over your garden every day for garden pod building. It provides easy installation while still being luxurious and useful.

Helps Combat Loneliness 

When you’re living alone and you’re sick of the view you’re faced with every day, a great garden pod would be able to help. If you’re living with an elderly person that’s often left alone during the day, installing a garden pod might be beneficial for their mental health as they’ll be having a dedicated space where they can do what they want to do. They can knit, read, or simply drink their cup of teas at their garden pod. 

Improves Productivity 

If you’re planning to have a garden pod as your dedicated office space, then you’re most likely to increase your productivity as access to distractions are limited but you’ll still be getting lots of sunshine and positive visual stimulus from the environment around you. It’s all the benefits of when you had class outside as a student with the comfort and convenience of an office space.

Relax and Enjoy 

Having a garden pod means you get to enjoy life a little more. With dedicated comfortable seats, you can enjoy the outdoor view a little more. Nothing is more relaxing than being able to escape the four walls and be able to be out in the open, appreciating the beauty of your garden with the lively greens and flowers. A garden pod provides the best view for true relaxation.  

Increase Your House Value 

Just like with swimming pools, having a garden pod in your home helps to increase your house value, making it a worthwhile investment. Who wouldn’t want a garden pod that is truly relaxing even just to look at? It’s a fantastic idea to have a garden pod especially when you have enough space in your garden. It adds beauty to your garden and it also helps to increase your mood.  


We all needed an escape to reality and, with the use of garden pods, you can have your little nook for whichever purpose you plan it to be. You can have a peaceful day all by yourself or to be shared with family and friends. In most cases, garden pods are used as an office space or a lounge area where you can hang-out with other people. You can have an open-space garden pod or a walled garden pod, whichever suits you best. Many of these pods are usually designed with wood that adds a hint of modern and relaxation.  

If you plan on having a garden pod as an escape from reality, better have it designed to be different from your home so you’ll feel the difference once you entered the room. This will allow you to feel relaxed and have your well-deserved rest, helping you to feel better about life.

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