Preparing an outdoor party or get-together? Here’s how to host the perfect garden party!

Photos By: Unsplash

Whether you’re looking to host a baby shower, engagement party or just have a few friends over for tea, a garden party is a great way to get some fresh air and make your event a special one to remember. Planning a party takes a lot of time and effort, though, and a lot of decision-making. When you need a boost to your creativity while planning your backyard bash, look no further for ideas on how to throw a garden party that your guests will rave about! 

Hawaiian-Themed Garden Party

Is there anything better than being outside enjoying a summer evening? It’s hard to beat. Think about how many people get on an airplane every year just to hit up beautiful beaches and tropical getaways. A luau is always a hit and accommodates any backyard setup. Start by sending out colorful invitations decorated with the Hawaiian hibiscus to set the tone. Then you can plan your menu to feature teriyaki chicken or beef, crispy rice noodles, chicken with a hibiscus honey glaze, baby back ribs, and Asian lettuce wraps. These delectable entrees are sure to satisfy your guests, but you can also opt for tofu-based Hawaiian dishes. Keep your guests hydrated and happy with Hawaiian-inspired cocktails made with pineapple juice, blue curaçao, rum, or go with a classic pina colada!

A fresh idea to make your party unique is to be inspired by black coral, which is considered the state’s gem and is often used in jewelry-making but can be a lively centerpiece for your serving table. You can also incorporate green sea turtles in your design or your party gifts.

Old Florida-Themed Party

Looking to switch up your summer energy with your outdoor soiree? While Hawaiian-themed parties are lots of fun with their bright colors, similarly you can also consider an Old Florida-themed party, complete with lush plants, Spanish moss, and orange decor. Consider serving fresh key lime pie, citrus salad, and pink lemonade to indulge your guests in the refreshing flavors of Florida. 

By centering your design around citrus, you can have a lot of fun with this party idea and establish a pleasant color scheme inspired by oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. White orange blossoms make lovely centerpieces, especially when surrounded by a lovely flat-lay of citrus fruits cut in half. To decorate, consider orange, yellow, and white lanterns or tea lights to create a romantic, cozy feel. Palm trees in pots and other tropical ferns complete the look and give your guests the feeling that they’re relaxing under the palms.

Prepping For Your Garden Party

It’s always recommended to get started with a mood board so you can visualize what you want at your garden party. Pinterest is a great website to get inspired and organize your ideas. Then, pick a date! Before you can work on invitations, you must consider when you will have your garden party. You can make it easy for guests to RSVP using Paperless Post so that they can respond with just a click! Lastly, consider getting help for your garden party. You don’t want to be stuck behind the bar or in the kitchen, so enlist the help of family members so that you can enjoy yourself and your guests will always have a drink in hand.