PHH Mortgage Company Review

Thinking about getting a mortgage to purchase your new home? Keep reading!

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You know that PHH Mortgage is a large company that’s been around for a while, so you’re considering hitting it up for your lending needs. If all works out, you may have enough left over to pay off credit card and other debts. But is PHH a good company? Well, let’s go to PHH Mortgage company reviews.

What is PHH Mortgage?

Let’s start here. PHH is a 30-year-old nonbank lender that’s based in New Jersey. In fact, it’s one of the nation’s largest mortgage companies. The firm operates in 18 states and offers several kinds of mortgage products including refinancing and help for those who are buying a new home, especially first-time homebuyers. The company is also popular with those who need assistance with vacation homes and investment property. While PHH offers competitive rates and 24/7 online account access, it does not offer a home equity line of credit or loans such as USDA, renovation, or bridge.

What Kinds of Products Does PHH Mortgage Offer?

Specifically, the lender offers these loan types: conventional, FHA, VA, jumbo, refinance, cash-out refinance, fixed-rate, adjustable rate, investment property, and vacation-home.

What Kind of Customer Does PHH Mortgage Specialize In?

Because the company concentrates on loan servicing, most of its customers already have a loan. That explains why the PHH website is kind of limited in terms of your ability to apply for a mortgage online. It also offers scant info on required credit scores, down payment requisites, closing fees and mortgage rates. The site does, however, offer multiple resources regarding the home buying process and info about all the kinds of mortgage loans.

What About PHH Mortgage Complaints?

Within the last decade, the company has had nearly 3,300 complaints filed against it on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Complaint Database. In addition, the Better Business Bureau gives PHH a “C” grade. Check out PHH mortgage company reviews and see what they say.

Also, a couple of years ago a court ordered PHH to shell out $45 million to resolve lawsuits against it by dozens of attorneys general for alleged malfeasance having to do with how it handled single-family residential mortgages.

About Those Reviews?

Well, from the site, here are a few samples from 2019:

  • By Alfred Johnson: “Still can’t log on New Portal. All other areas of website are accessible.”
  • By A. Sawdo: “Their new “improved” portal screwed up. Gave me a confirmation and never drew Nov. payment. Now they want a late fee and two payments. Plus, I have to call because they won’t let me pay online.”
  • By Patricia Hall: “You can not even get access to your own account. Now that should tell you a lot about a company … your account you pay monthly payments on, and they don’t allow you to pull it up and see it.”
  • By Steve Rusbarsky: “I signed up solely so that I could spread the word about how awful my continued experiences with PHH Mortgage/ has been.”
  • By Gren Mac: Sixty days and counting for a refi that they solicited us for. The loan is A Paper and still taking forever. No callbacks and when we call them it’s like one excuse after another.

The bottom line? The company is known for helping homebuyers navigate the process, and for its variety of loan options for first-time homebuyers, seasoned homebuyers, and investors. However, PHH Mortgage Company reviews are on the negative side, much of it related to the PHH website or customer service. So, when considering your mortgage and financing needs, it’s all about your priorities. Compare your options … and choose well.