5 Furniture Must-Haves When You Have Kids

Are you furniture shopping and you have kids? Here are some must-have furniture items you need to buy!

Photos By: Unsplash

Let’s face it: When your family has kids in it, all your pre-kid home design dreams might have to go out the window for the time being. A towering bookcase? Not a good idea. That sweet-smelling candle you used to leave on the coffee table? Either put it up high or give it to a friend. A display of delicate vases? Vases? Really?

A bright white couch? … You can’t be serious. But, hey — it’s not all bad. You can still have a home that feels cozy, warm, and well-appointed. It’s just going to take a little more thought. Most notably, you may need to invest in some new furniture pieces to make your home more functional and efficient. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some tips for keeping things as stylish and sophisticated as possible.

Without further ado, here are 5 indoor furniture pieces you’ll want to invest in when you have kids in the house.

1. An Entryway Coat and Hat Rack

Without a doubt, the entryway of any home is probably the most disordered. Okay, except for the kids’ rooms … and maybe the kitchen. But seriously, entryways can get messy! To help keep your family on track with their hats, coats, scarves, backpacks, purses, and more, invest in an entryway coat and hat rack. While an entryway closet can certainly help organize your things too, closets tend to be like black holes where family members just throw things. Because an entryway organizer is out in the open, it’s not only easier to see what’s there, but you’re more likely to keep it well-stocked and neat as well.

2. Easy-to-wash Rugs.

Even darkly-colored rugs and those with busy designs that tend to hide stains best should be washable if you have kids. For a long time, this was virtually impossible — especially for larger rugs. While you could usually find small throw rugs that could be tossed into a larger-sized washing machine (or taken to the laundromat for their industrial-sized machines), it wasn’t easy to find a large washable rug. Now, new companies are coming out with 5 x 7 and even 6 x 9 rugs that can be wadded up and put into your own washing machine. These are essential for homes with kids.

3. A Washable Couch (yes, you read that right).

When it comes to your home, high-quality indoor furniture is always best. And when it comes to kids, this means washable. Of course, most furniture is washable at least to some extent. You can usually spot clean a couch or chair no matter the fabric. Still, success is not always guaranteed, and as we all know, kids don’t usually spill water. They spill grape juice. For this reason, you should be on the lookout for one of the new “washable couches” that are now available. No, you can’t put the entire couch in the washer (we wish). But you can remove the covers on the cushions, armrests, couch back, etc. and toss those in the wash. Even if these types of couches tend to come with a slightly higher price tag, we think the washability is still well worth the cost.

4. Low Bookcases.

When kids are really small, they not only love books, but they love to climb on things. This makes tall bookcases a no-no for kid-friendly areas. While taller shelves can certainly be attached to the wall with anti-tip kits, they are still hazards because the objects on them could fall and hit kids on the head. Plus, even if a bookcase is anchored to the wall, you don’t want your children to be able to climb up on them. For this reason, it’s better to always invest in short bookcases — as well as other low-to-the-ground furniture — wherever your kids will be playing and hanging out.

5. A family Storage Unit with one Cubby for each Family Member

Who was it that said, “80% of parenting is picking up toys”? No one? Hm … well, even so. That’s about the gist of it. If you haven’t already learned this lesson, then learn it now while you still have time, get online and order an organization unit with bins for all of your family members. You’ll want one cubby or bin for each kid and one for you and one for your partner as well. With a storage unit like this, when you clean up at the end of each day (and 10,000 times throughout the day), you’ll have a handy little place to put everyone’s things.

Any family with kids knows that all the stepped-on Legos, crayon-covered walls, and stained throw pillows are totally worth it. At the same time, you’re not crazy if you’d like to keep at least a little sanity, cleanliness, and style about you.

Use the tips above to do just that — then, spend your time enjoying your kiddos, no matter their age. After all, they won’t be this little and adorable forever.