Step-by-step Instructions for Attaching a Patio Roof to Your House

A patio roof might be exactly what your house needs. It is easy to build and it fits into the structure of your house. If you are thinking about building one yourself there are a couple things that you should know first!

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In this article we will show you step-by-step how to attach a patio roof to your house like pro.

What is the best spot for a patio roof ledger?

You might not be sure where to attach the patio roof ledger, but it is not complicated if you take a good look at your house.

If you own a two-story house the ledger can be tied into a rim joist (also known as a band joist). You can find it between the floors, and you can find it if you measure down from a second story window. However, you have a one-story home simply attach the patio ledger below the eaves of the house.

Mount the ledger of the patio roof

Attaching a roof above your patio is a great way to make your patio more comfortable. When you mount a patio roof ledger you have to take into account what kind of siding the house has. For example, if there are beveled horizontal siding you will have to use an inverted piece of siding, so that a flat surface is created and the ledger can be attached easily. If the siding is flat and not beveled, then you can leave it like that. Make sure that you cut away any wood, metal of vinyl siding.

If you need to cut wood siding, make sure that you only cut the siding and not the sheathing behind it. For that adjust the blade of a circular saw. You will need to attach the ledger to the strong parts of the house’s framing.

In order to attach the ledgers you will need some lag screws or bolts and stainless steel washers, especially if you cannot access the other side. At the base of the strongest ledger connection are bolts that run through the ledger and the house sheathing.

Anchor a ledger to a masonry wall

You can use expanding anchor bolts to fasten the ledger to masonry walls. First of all mark a line across the wall and drill holes every 16 inches. Then insert the anchor while holding the ledger in place, and use a hammer to tap it so that the anchor locations is indented on its back face.

After you remove the ledger, drill bolt holes in all the places where the bolt tips left some marks. Then hammer (or push) the ledger on the bolts, make sure that the level is okay, add the washers and the nuts and tighten the bolts.

Attaching a patio roof ledger on your own might be more advantageous and you might feel more satisfactions in the end, but that does not mean that you should not ask for help if you need it. There are teams of professionals like Royal Covers that are ready to help you and make sure that you have the patio of your dreams.

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